What S.F. Could Do Better to Decarbonize Transportation

The city is making major changes to street infrastructure. A large section of Market Street has gone car-free, part of Valencia Street now has parking-protected bike lanes, Polk Street boasts traffic lights to separate right-turning car traffic from cyclists and Van Ness Avenue is undergoing a major renovation in part to accelerate bus traffic.  Read more
Assemblyman David Chiu

Housing, Homelessness Crises Are ‘Of Our Own Making,’ Says David Chiu

David Chiu, the state assembly member representing California’s District 17, the Eastern side of San Francisco, is running unopposed for re-election this year. He spoke with “Civic” about his recent legislative work, including his rent increase cap policy, a proposal to audit California’s spending on homelessness and a bill that would take steps toward making connections across Bay Area transit lines seamless.  Read more

CPUC Proposes Repealing Secrecy of Uber, Lyft Accident Data

In a dramatic reversal, the agency that regulates the state’s massive ride-hailing industry has proposed that annual safety reports filed by Uber and Lyft should be presumed public. A San Francisco Public Press investigation published Jan. 7 found that the California Public Utilities Commission, the primary regulator of the state’s ride-hailing industry, has permitted the firms to file the reports confidentially on the basis of a single sentence inserted into the regulations as footnote 42, without prior public notice amid heavy industry lobbying.  Read more

Why Taxi Workers Are Calling for the Release of Ride-Hailing Safety Data

As the San Francisco Public Press reported in early January, ride-hailing safety data is kept secret by the government agency that collects it, the California Public Utilities Commission. In response to the story, the San francisco Taxi Workers Alliance has joined several legislators in calling for the commission to allow at least some public access to this information.  Read more

Officials Demand Disclosure of Ride-Hail Accident Data

Two state legislators and the chairman of San Francisco’s transportation board say the California Public Utilities Commission should release secret safety records on thousands of ride-hailing accidents. Their comments came in response to a San Francisco Public Press investigation that found the agency has been keeping confidential reports on accidents involving Uber, Lyft and other app-based transportation firms for more than six years.  Read more