Six Chinese children who had recently arrived in New York City in 1964 with their teacher. The placards show their Chinese names, in ideographs and in transliteration, and the names to be entered in official school records. Library of Congress

Language Education Evolves in U.S., California

Key developments in American languages, from early U.S. history through the November 2016 passage of state Proposition 58, which ended English-only instruction in California. See How San Francisco Paved the Way for California to Embrace Bilingual Education for the overview, and other stories in this reporting project at


Bilingual Renaissance or Reversal?

There’s good news in the San Francisco Unified School District. It is succeeding in educating students in multiple languages, producing citizens and workers who are better equipped to navigate a cosmopolitan global economy compared with the rest of the country.


No Ignoremos los Derechos Civiles del Área de la Bahía

¿Educación o deportación?
Esta es una cuestión alarmante con la que estamos lidiando a medida que San Francisco se vuelve un elemento en la periferia política como consecuencia de las elecciones de 2016. La inminente necesidad de documentar esta divergencia hace que nuestra labor como periodistas locales independientes sea más importante que nunca.


勿視灣༐民權 為理ᡤ當然



Letter From the Editors: Don’t Take Civil Rights for Granted

Education or deportation? That’s one startling question we are grappling with as San Francisco becomes more of a political outlier in the aftermath of the 2016 elections. The imminent need for documenting this divergence makes our jobs as independent local journalists more important than ever.
This letter is also available in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.