A registered nurse with the Florida Department of Health explains the process of specimen collection to a nursing home resident in Northeast Florida, May 1, 2020.

Senior, Disability Advocates Mobilize to Ensure Care Facility Residents Vote

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed elections, and for people who live in residential care facilities like nursing homes, that may be creating barriers to participation. Last week, organizers with Senior and Disability Action called together advocates and experts to lay out what rights these residents have and how to ensure they are able to exercise them.


Elder Advocates Warn of Coronavirus Scams

Phone and email scams are nothing new, but crises create an opportunity for those who prey on fear, and during the coronavirus pandemic, variations on old scams have cropped up that target the vulnerable.


‘Master Plan on Aging’ Seeks to Provide Dignity for Seniors

Seniors have become an increasingly prevalent demographic in California. For every adult age 65 or older, there were previously five people under the age of 15. Now the ratio is almost 1-to-1. In response to this demographic shift, Gov. Gavin Newsom has called for a “master plan on aging” to ensure elders have the care and support they need to age with dignity. Leading Age California, an organization that represents nonprofit senior living and service providers, has been pushing for such a plan. CEO Jeannee Parker Martin shares some insights into what the plan must consider and what its priorities could be.


Counting the City’s Homeless: A First-Hand Account From the Streets

Point-in-Time counts are “snapshots” of a city’s homeless population, relying on volunteers’ perceptions of homelessness. As such, the surveys are prone to error. They also fail to gather specifics about age and ethnicity, and don’t provide a full picture of the most vulnerable growing populations: infants and the elderly.