Seeking Investigative Reporter for Short-Term Project

The San Francisco Public Press is seeking to hire an investigative reporter for a project focused on housing. The Public Press is a small but mighty nonprofit news organization that has produced award-winning investigations on a wide range of issues, including criminal justice reform, ride-sharing safety, sea level rise on the waterfront and the treatment of the homeless in the coronavirus era.  Read more

Condemning Hate in Online Spaces

Dear Public Press community, I need to tell you about an upsetting, hateful incident that occurred during a Public Press Live event we held as a Zoom webinar on Thursday, May 28. The Public Press takes this matter seriously, especially in light of the pain and grief expressed nationwide this week about the chronic mistreatment, disrespect and disregard for black lives.  Read more

How ‘Civic’ Is Produced and Broadcast From Home

Under shelter-in-place orders, the Public Press staff has been producing the local current affairs program “Civic” from home, conducting interviews remotely and managing a radio station at a distance. The team has also turned its focus almost exclusively to covering the local effects of the coronavirus pandemic through in-depth interviews, complete press briefing coverage and San Francisco specific newscasts.  Read more

Surviving the Pandemic: The Future of Local Media

The Public Press hosted a discussion April 30 exploring news media challenges facing community journalism before and during the crisis and how the future will require more diverse and sustainable business models that don’t rely exclusively on advertising. Our panelist were: Martin Reynolds, co-executive director of the Maynard Institute Michael Stoll, executive director, San Francisco Public Press The discussion was moderated by Gina Baleria, assistant professor of communications & media studies at Sonoma State University, and host of the new podcast “News in Context,” that explores media bias and how information is delivered and consumed.  Read more

Coronavirus Scams and How to Avoid Them

The Public Press hosted a conversation April 9 to help the community understand how to identify and prevent phone and email scams that target the vulnerable — the elderly, people who are isolated or who have limited digital literacy. Our panelist were: Chesa Boudin, San Francisco District Attorney Shawna Reeves, Director of the Elder Abuse Prevention program at the Institute on Aging Glen Fishman, Senior Program Coordinator for Elder Abuse Prevention at the Institute on Aging The event was moderated by Laura Wenus, host of “Civic,” the Public Press’ daily news and public affairs radio show and podcast.  Read more

Neighborhood Meets Challenge: How S.F.’s Sunset Organized for Pandemic Aid

The Public Press hosted a conversation April 3 with Sunset Neighborhood Help Group founders Frank Plughoff, Bianca Nandzik and Stefan Nandzik about how they are coordinating a dynamic volunteer network to connect with elderly and at-risk neighbors who need help buying groceries and running errands during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read more
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We Need Your Help to Cover the Pandemic

Since March 11, the San Francisco Public Press and “Civic” have accelerated to a pace we did not think possible for our small nonprofit newsroom. In two and a half weeks, we published 34 stories that brought as many visitors to our website as we saw in the last three months of 2019.  Read more

Covering Coronavirus and the New Normal

With the global coronavirus outbreak bearing down on us, the Public Press is committed to serving the community with relevant, timely and accurate information about public health and the response by local institutions. We pledge to remain nimble in our news coverage and provide clarity about important developments where needed.  Read more