Wildfires, like the 2018 Carr Fire pictured, are one of the climate threats California may increasingly face in the coming years and that climate action plans are meant to address.

Oakland Approves Climate Equity Plan, but Organizers Say Funding Needed

Phoenix Armenta is passionate about community-based environmental justice work but worries whether it is sustainable. “I need to eat, I need a place to live,” said Armenta, an organizer with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, an environmental justice organization that focuses on developing strategies alongside communities to help them become more adaptable and resilient in the face of climate change.  Read more

‘Unforgetting’ Confronts Painful Personal, Political Histories of U.S. and Central America

Difficult and painful history connects gang violence and severe policing in Central America and in the United States, as well as mass migrations of refugees. In his new memoir, “Unforgetting,” Roberto Lovato teases out these connections with research and reporting, but also by telling his own story of coming of age as a U.S.-born  Read more
A census solutions workshop hosted in Seattle in 2018 by King County and Seattle Foundation.

Census Education Falls to Community Groups as Trump Fans Confusion

The 2020 census is well under way, but a timetable muddled by the coronavirus pandemic coupled with attempts by President Trump to make disruptive changes have set the stage for the spread of misinformation that threatens a complete count.  Local nonprofit organizations have been working to get correct and timely information to people often labeled “hard to count” to avoid that outcome.  Read more

Online Census Yields Mixed Accessibility Results

This year the census, a constitutionally mandated count of every person in the country every 10 years, is being conducted primarily online for the first time. While the shift offered convenience to the digitally connected, many communities already considered “hard to count” include people with limited digital tools or literacy that put the digital questionnaire out of reach.  Read more
2018 Providence, RI Census.

Threats to Exclude Undocumented From Census Exemplify Fears of Other ‘Hard-to-Count’ Communities

President Trump has issued a directive that would erode the wall between the U.S. Census and the executive branch. In a July memo, Trump instructed the Census Bureau to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census numbers used to apportion representatives. The census is a constitutionally-mandated tally that is supposed to include every resident of the United States.  Read more
Mayor London Breed.

COVID-19 Is Priority for S.F. Budget, Breed Says

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been set aside in San Francisco’s budget for COVID-19 prevention, testing and treatment, Mayor London Breed announced this morning at a press conference in San Francisco. Over the next year, the Mayor’s Office has allocated $185 million for health care operations, $183 million for housing and shelter, $62 million for food distribution and $16 million for communications.   Read more
Lariza Dugan-Cuadra.

Federal Enforcement Actions Recall Authoritarian Crackdowns for Central Americans in U.S.

Almost two weeks ago, protesters in Portland, Ore., were detained by federal police and taken away in unmarked cars. Five days later, President Trump said that he would send federal agents to a dozen other liberal cities, including Oakland. For some of the Bay Area’s Central American residents, there are parallels between this moment and their own experiences with authoritarian governments in their countries of origin.  Read more

S.F. Police Accessed Private Cameras to Surveil Protesters, Digital Privacy Group Reveals

When a tech executive helped bankroll a private network of security cameras in San Francisco, it was touted as crime-fighting technology that would not be directly in the control of law enforcement. But a report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital privacy advocacy group, shows that the San Francisco Police Department gained remote access to this private camera network for days at a time during protests in late May and early June.  Read more