March 2020 Election Guide: Prop A

City College Improvements, Job Training —
Proposition A would authorize the City College of San Francisco to issue up to $845 million in bonds to pay for repairs and upgrades to facilities, as well as training programs to prepare students for local jobs in the science, arts and technology fields. Property tax revenue would pay off the issued bonds.

March 2020 Election Guide: Prop 13

Facilities Construction at Public Schools — Proposition 13 would authorize a $15 billion state bond measure to provide matching funding to districts for renovation and construction of facilities. $9 billion are slated for K-12 schools, and $6 billion for public higher education institutions. The measure prioritizes districts that have health and safety needs, like lead in their water, or that are too small to raise adequate funds through taxes.

SFUSD Board of Education

Two challengers are running against Jenny Lam, who holds one of seven seats on the city’s Board of Education. Lam serves as the mayor’s education adviser, and was appointed to the board in January because of Matt Haney’s departure from the board to step into his elected role as District 6 Supervisor. Candidates Kirsten Strobel and Bobby Coleman entered the race after the school board voted to destroy a controversial mural at Washington High School, a decision that was later amended to call for the mural to be covered rather than destroyed. We asked all three candidates about their vision for improving student success and how the district should be run.
Robert Coleman

Jenny Lam

Kirsten Strobel