As Courts Flip-Flopped on School Integration, Diversity Has Remained Elusive

By 2005, when a federal judge lifted the most recent desegregation orders, San Francisco Unified School District had been trying for more than three decades to make its schools more racially and socioeconomically diverse, starting in 1971 with forced busing. San Francisco schools no longer exhibit the level of racial isolation they once did, but they are now resegregating, as are many others across the country.  Read more

San Francisco Schools’ Changing Demographics

When white families fled public schools and blacks left the city, racial makeup of the district changed <a href=’#’><img alt=’Dashboard 1 ‘ src=’’ style=’border: none’ /></a> Over five decades, San Francisco saw a demographic transformation in its public school system. In 1969, white and black students together were the majority, as in most of the rest of the United States.  Read more

Isolated Schools Clustered by Test Scores, Family Income

Academic Performance Index vs. Subsidized Lunches for Poor Families <a href=’#’><img alt=’Dashboard 1 ‘ src=’’ style=’border: none’ /></a>   If one looks at the San Francisco Unified School District as a whole, a clear pattern emerges: Schools with the highest level of achievement tend to have the lowest levels of family poverty.  Read more

Ranking Schools by Diversity

Many schools have super-majorities of Asian or Latino students Schools across San Francisco show markedly different levels of racial and ethnic diversity. Increasingly over the last five years, schools are dominated by one racial group. With mathematical tools, it is possible to measure which schools are the most and least diverse.  Read more

New Virtual Reality Installation Reveals How Sea-Level Rise Will Affect Bay Area Shoreline

A San Francisco technology company is helping Bay Area residents visualize in 3-D how their neighborhoods could look under three feet of water when sea-level rise accelerates later this century. The company’s virtual reality device is cleverly encased inside a viewfinder similar to the old-style coin-operated contraptions found at historical landmarks and national parks.  Read more

Heinberg: Localize Economy or Face the Consequences

As climate change continues to threaten California in myriad ways, policymakers face a tough dilemma: promote economic growth or protect the planet. At first, these priorities seem incompatible, but some experts on the topic say the environment and the economy are intimately linked, and are calling for a radical restructuring of communities to make them more local and self-sufficient.  Read more