As Courts Flip-Flopped on School Integration, Diversity Has Remained Elusive

By 2005, when a federal judge lifted the most recent desegregation orders, San Francisco Unified School District had been trying for more than three decades to make its schools more racially and socioeconomically diverse, starting in 1971 with forced busing. San Francisco schools no longer exhibit the level of racial isolation they once did, but they are now resegregating, as are many others across the country.  Read more

Sentencing Reform Side Benefit: Behavioral Health Court Expansion

Part of a special report on homelessness and mental health in San Francisco, in the fall 2014 print edition. Stories rolling out online throughout the fall. See accompanying story: S.F. Alternative Court Provides Lifeline An new reform to California‚Äôs prisons that reduces tough sentences for some felonies could also provide a financial windfall to a long-running community court experiment that diverts people with mental illness out of the criminal justice system.  Read more