Alioto Says Her Past ‘Housing First’ Plan Would End Homelessness

Third in a series analyzing the mayoral candidates’ records and pledges on housing and homelessness. This is Angela Alioto’s third full-fledged attempt to crack City Hall Room 200, and the detractors of the feisty and charismatic civil rights attorney, former board president and aspiring second-generation mayor, dismiss her as a vestige of this city’s past — our very own Make San Francisco Great Again candidate.  Read more

Candidates Say How They Would Help African-American Community

First of two articles San Francisco’s African-American population is melting away like polar ice. The tally of every last black person in this city is only slightly larger than the draw for a Giants game at AT&T Park. African-Americans, then, are a population that’s easy for candidates to overlook in a citywide race — which has been proven, time and again, throughout this city’s history.  Read more

Community Workshop Attracts 200 Seeking Solutions to Homelessness

In 20 years of homelessness in San Francisco, Moses Carbins has spent time in most of this city’s shelters. “Some days,” he said, “you wake up invisible. It becomes sort of like a pit. It’s just another day to die.” It was lost on no one in an audience of more than 200, however, that Carbins has lived — thanks to “empathy, compassion, a network of friends” — and has been housed now for four years.  Read more

No Vacancy for the Homeless

Every night, thousands of San Franciscans have no place to sleep. And yet, every night hundreds — possibly thousands — of single-room occupancy hotel units are left empty. According to the latest count, 4,353 people were living unsheltered in our city.  Read more