Climate Summit Coverage: A Roundup of Links

San Francisco hosted the two-day Global Climate Action Summit, which ended Friday. The gathering, at the Moscone Convention Center, featured dozens of prominent officials, scientists, business leaders and innovators. Here’s a sampling of articles from, about or related to the official summit, the scores of affiliated events happening around the city and region, and climate-related news and research.  Read more

Election Day Roundup: The Best of the Links

You know by now it’s Election Day or you wouldn’t be here. Haven’t voted? Still undecided? Not sure where to cast your ballot or to register first? Just hungry for anything about the Big Day? Here’s a collection of sources that can help feed the need and satisfy the cravings.  Read more

Coverage of Acting Mayor London Breed and the Death of Ed Lee

We’ve gathered excerpts and links about London Breed becoming the acting mayor of San Francisco after Ed Lee, the city’s first Asian-American mayor, died early Tuesday after suffering a heart attack. Updated Dec. 16 San Francisco Examiner: Supervisors mull ‘caretaker’ mayors to replace London Breed in January Acting Mayor London Breed may not hang onto her gig very long, if some members of the Board of Supervisors have their way.  Read more
Six Chinese children who had recently arrived in New York City in 1964 with their teacher. The placards show their Chinese names, in ideographs and in transliteration, and the names to be entered in official school records. Library of Congress

Language Education Evolves in U.S., California

table { padding:0px; width:100%; border-width: 0; border-style:none; border-color:red; } td{ padding:8px; } heading { font-size:28px; font-family:georgia; color:maroon; font-weight:700 } p { font-size:18px;font-family:georgia;color:black;font-weight:500;;vertical-align:top;line-height:26px;padding-bottom:5px } Key developments in American languages, from early U.S. history through the November 2016 passage of state Proposition 58, which ended English-only instruction in California.  Read more

Slick, Misleading TV Ads Paid Off

Airbnb’s multimillion-dollar blitz was key to killing measure aimed at short-term rentals. Fear, disinformation, deception. That’s what San Francisco voters were bombarded with last fall through record-setting, multimillion-dollar TV advertising crafted to crush progressives, defeat restrictions on short-term rentals and reshape the city’s housing map for decades to come.  Read more