Slick, Misleading TV Ads Paid Off

Airbnb’s multimillion-dollar blitz was key to killing measure aimed at short-term rentals. Fear, disinformation, deception. That’s what San Francisco voters were bombarded with last fall through record-setting, multimillion-dollar TV advertising crafted to crush progressives, defeat restrictions on short-term rentals and reshape the city’s housing map for decades to come.  Read more

Election Ads Overshadowed TV News 7-to-1

For the 10 weeks between Aug. 25 and Election Day in 2015, San Francisco’s five English-language commercial television stations serving the San Francisco Bay Area (KRON, KTVU, KNTV, KPIX and KGO) aired a combined 25.8 hours of paid political ads. By comparison, the same stations aired about 3.5 hours of election news coverage.  Read more

Fight Club Charges in S.F. Jail Aren’t New. Remember ‘Gladiator Matches’ of Corcoran Prison?

The case of three San Francisco sheriff’s deputies accused of forcing inmates to fight one another was not the first time sworn officers in California have been accused of inciting violence behind bars. But unlike a similar incident almost 20 years ago in Southern California, when charges came down this time they singled out the officers for opprobrium without invoking the language of civil rights.  Read more