No Story Is Too Weird for Online Journal ‘Muni Diaries’


From left to right, "Civic" host Laura Wenus, "Muni Diaries" co-founder Eugenia Chien and "Muni Diaries" podcast producer Peter Clarke at the "Civic" launch event. Noah Arroyo // Public Press

“Muni Diaries,” an online journal, collects and shares Muni riders’ stories in its blog, podcasts and live events around San Francisco. Co-founder Eugenia Chien and producer Peter Clarke provide a glimpse of what’s happening in the world of buses, streetcars, transit stops and stations around town. Hear all about the ghost bus line, the bus most likely to have “strange” cargo, the most “polite” line and the farewell party a driver threw for herself when she was transferred to a new line.

So I feel like our unofficial tagline, really, is anything can happen on Muni and we’re just here to blow up the party talk.” — Eugenia Chien, “Muni Diaries” co-founder

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