Housing Solutions: Affordable Tenant Co-ops Could Protect Buildings From Speculative Market

Part of a special report on solutions for housing affordability in San Francisco. Look for a version of this story to appear in the upcoming fall 2014 print edition. If nonprofit organizations in San Francisco had an easier time acquiring residential properties and turning them into housing cooperatives, advocates say it could keep rents down for thousands of tenants.  Read more

‘Laura’s Law’ No Quick Fix for Strained San Francisco Mental Health System

The challenge of preserving civil rights while providing mental health care dominated debate about “Laura’s Law,” a controversial measure adopted this week that gives family members and law enforcement a legal means to compel treatment. Proponents say the law will help families frustrated by their loved ones’ refusal to seek treatment, but service providers and activists say it is not a panacea for San Francisco’s overstretched mental health system.  Read more