Audio Interview: Board Game Teaches California’s Cap-and-Trade Climate Program

Public Press reporter Chorel Centers sat down with editor Michael Stoll and illustrator Anna Vignet to discuss the creation of a board game that allows teaches players how California’s year-old cap-and-trade greenhouse gas pollution control program works. It’s part of a trend of “gamification” of the news, using interactive formats to engage audiences and teach complex policy issues.  Read more

City Construction Course Offers Job Placements, but Excludes Many Who Could Use a Hand Up

Rigorous screening limits candidates, who are groomed for union apprenticeships The good news: San Francisco offers a free 18-week training course through City College that takes low-skill, out-of-work city residents and sets them on the path to construction trade careers. The not-so-good news: While the instructors try hard to be inclusive, some city residents who need the program do not satisfy the minimum qualifications, including a high school equivalency degree.  Read more