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June 2022 SF Election Guide

This is a nonpartisan analysis of contests on the ballot in San Francisco for the election occurring on June 7, 2022. It was created by Liana Wilcox, Sylvie Sturm and Lila LaHood, who are part of the team that brings you “Civic,” our local public affairs radio show and podcast. » Read more

Workers in white suits sift through burned debris after the Camp Fire, the largest in California history.

How California Utilities Commission Undermines the Public Records Act

Despite vows to become more transparent, the California Public Utilities Commission has systematically violated the public’s right to know about its handling of deadly disasters and corporate scandals, according to court records and First Amendment attorneys.

Applying century-old laws meant to fight corruption, the commission has effectively limited court enforcement of the state’s public records act. » Read more

A man holds a clipboard while standing next to a woman, below a design featuring a clipboard with lines leading to items like an image of tents, an image of handcuffs, a syringe, a questionnaire.

San Francisco Rations Housing by Scoring Homeless People’s Trauma. By Design, Most Fail to Qualify.

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Tabitha Davis had just lost twins in childbirth and was facing homelessness. » Read more