Will Super Bowl Benefit San Francisco’s Homeless — or Just Displace Them?


A San Francisco cityscape's reflection in a puddle. Creative Commons image by Flickr user

By Liza Veale, KALW Crosscurrents

Super Bowl 50 is about to touch down in the Bay Area. While the game is taking place in Santa Clara, San Franciscans will host many of the visiting fans and fanfare.

Starting this Saturday, a very temporary, very commercial event center will pop up on the last four blocks of Market Street and across the waterfront. It’s called “Super Bowl City presented by Verizon.” The area will be blocked off for a seven-day festival of games, food and marketing gimmicks.

It’s open to the public, but apparently that doesn’t mean everyone is allowed to be there. In August, Mayor Ed Lee told a San Francisco Chronicle reporter that homeless people will have to move elsewhere. 

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