What S.F. Could Do Better to Decarbonize Transportation


Jason Henderson. Photo by Laura Wenus // Public Press.

The city is making major changes to street infrastructure. A large section of Market Street has gone car-free, part of Valencia Street now has parking-protected bike lanes, Polk Street boasts traffic lights to separate right-turning car traffic from cyclists and Van Ness Avenue is undergoing a major renovation in part to accelerate bus traffic. But the city is also grappling with how to manage Uber and Lyft, Muni service and congestion. Jason Henderson, a professor of geography and environment at San Francisco State University, studies the struggles for better street infrastructure across cities and says San Francisco and the region could do more to promote the decarbonization of transportation.

“Uber and Lyft have decimated cycling in San Francisco… Cycling is doing OK, but it should be 15 % of trips in the city, and it’s only about four.” — Jason Henderson

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