San Francisco Firefighters Adapt Routines to Coronavirus Pandemic


Fire station 7 in San Francisco. Laura Wenus / Public Press

San Francisco firefighters are still on duty, working shifts at the firehouse, responding to calls and conducting fire safety inspections. As part of an ongoing series of conversations with front-line workers, Civic spoke with local firefighter Adam Wood, who said firefighters are wearing protective equipment where possible, cleaning common areas and equipment three times a day and bracing for a spike in COVID-19 cases.

“In a fire situation, we’re pretty much stuck with the personal protective equipment we always use in fires, turnout gear, self contained breathing apparatus, which includes a full face mask with positive pressure air, so that’s something that would provide a certain degree of protection. N95 masks, gowns, face shields, you know, in a high-heat smoky condition they’re just not gonna work.” — Adam Wood

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