S.F. Mission District Has Most COVID-19 Cases


Dr. Grant Colfax, director of San Francisco’s Department of Public Health. Screen capture from SFGovTV

San Francisco’s Mission District has the highest number of COVID-19 infections, based on new data released on the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Data Tracker map.

During Mayor London Breed’s Monday press conference, Dr. Grant Colfax, director of the Department of Public Health, called the results “sobering, but not surprising.” He said many residents living in the hardest hit neighborhoods have long suffered from numerous forms of inequality, which have made them more vulnerable to the coronavirus.

While emphasising that the data is limited to the small number of San Franciscans who have been tested, he said the city has found great disparity in infection rates, with 25% of COVID-19 cases affecting Latinos, who make up only 15% of the city’s population.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority Director Jeff Tumlin said that starting April 25, Muni is restoring service to portions of four bus lines, including the 5-Fulton, the 12-Folsom, the 28-19th Avenue and the 54-Felton. On other lines, including the N-Judah, the L-Taraval and the 9-San Bruno, the agency will run more buses to allow better social distancing among passengers. Tumlin emphasized that buses should only be used for essential travel.

Listen to these and other updates in the full press conference audio below:

  • Mayor Breed said the city is partnering with the Salvation Army to provide 1,300 meals a day to 650 people living in tent encampments across the city. (11:20).
  • Breed said that face coverings are not required for simply walking your dog, going for a walk or jogging as long as you do not enter a confined space or stand in line. (18:24).
  • Dr. Colfax announced an expansion of the information available in the city’s online data tracker. (21:30).
  • Dr. Colfax announced plans for setting up testing centers in the Mission District with the help of UCSF. (33:50).
  • Sheryl Evans Davis, executive director of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, described coordinated efforts to help the homeless and others during the pandemic. (41:20).
  • Tumlin announced the reactivation of four more bus lines to bolster the city’s bare-bones operation during the pandemic. (49:17).

“The 94110 zip code has among the highest number of cases in the city. This likely reflects crowded housing conditions, including multifamily and multigenerational homes, which make it more difficult to practice social distancing and quarantine and self-isolation.”  — Dr. Grant Colfax

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