Muni eliminating stops on one of its worst performing bus routes


Muni riders pack a 28-19th Avenue bus. Muni officials have announced stop eliminations for the 28L-19th Avenue and scheduling changes for the 28-19th Avenue bus. Photo by Jerold Chinn / SF Public Press.

Muni: chasing 85% on-time performance from SF Public Press on Vimeo.

UPDATE 10/19:  The 28L-19th Avenue was not the only Muni line getting service improvements this week. Muni officials announced that the J-Church line will run every nine minutes during peak times. The N-Judah will begin running again to AT&T Park and the Caltrains station on weekends. The F-Market line will run every five minutes instead of  10 minutes and will also get seven new rehabilitated historic vehicles at the end of month.

Plans to improve one of the Muni’s worst performing bus lines will finally take affect on Monday.

The 28L-19th Avenue bus line, which usually is packed with riders and not on-time (42 percent on-time performance in the latest Muni report), will not make stops at the Golden Gate Bridge and four stops along 19th Avenue and Park Presidio.

The limited bus route will also have four new stops after the Golden Gate Bridge. The last stop will be at Fort Mason.

The stop eliminations on the limited bus route are supposed to improve scheduling and transform the bus into more of an express bus, according to Muni officials. The route is challenging for Muni drivers who have go through traffic along 19th Avenue and Park Presidio. The bus also makes stop at several schools including San Francisco State University.

Officials are also working on redistributing the running time on the regular 28-19th Avenue bus line to compensate for the time spent in traffic.

John Haley, director of transit operations, has been highlighting problematic Muni bus lines at the agency’s policy and governance meeting. Both the 28-19th Avenue and 28-19th Avenue were discussed at last month’s meeting. On Friday, officials will highlight the 29-Sunset.

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