Central Subway costs have gotten out of control: mayoral candidate Dennis Herrera on Muni

Part II of the interview

This video is part of the series “Can S.F.’s next mayor save Muni?” quizzing San Francisco mayoral candidates on their public transit policies. Reporter Jerold Chinn and photographer Steven Rhodes conducted the interviews. Check back daily for more videos interviews.

One of the leading voices against the Central Subway project has been City Attorney and San Francisco mayoral candidate Dennis Herrera.

Herrera said that he supported the project at the initial cost of $650 million, but now cost projections have reached $1.6 billion.

Since coming out against the project, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Board Chairman Tom Nolan wants to see if there is a conflict of interest between Herrera representing the city on this project and his mayoral campaign.

Find out what Herrera’s plans are for getting more people to ride Muni and other transit improvements he has in mind if he becomes mayor.

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