Giving transit workers a boost will help improve the system: mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty on Muni

Part II of the interview

This video is part of the series “Can S.F.’s next mayor save Muni?” quizzing San Francisco mayoral candidates on their public transit policies. Reporter Jerold Chinn and photographer Steven Rhodes conducted the interviews. Check back daily for more videos interviews.

Former supervisor and San Francisco mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty is standing up for the Muni operators. Dufty said he knows what Muni drivers go through each and every day and he wants to help them if he comes mayor.

His plan is to offer life coaches to Muni operators and other city employees working on the front lines. Life coaches would help workers with things such as buying a home in San Francisco or advancing their careers in the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

Another plan Dufty has is to make the rider experience a bit more fun. Watch the video to find out what he has in store for 14-Mission and his take on the Central Subway. San Francisco power broker Rose Pak gets a mention in Part II of the video.

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