Get drivers out of their cars and onto transit: mayoral candidate Leland Yee on Muni

Part II of the interview

This video is part of the series “Can S.F.’s next mayor save Muni?” quizzing San Francisco mayoral candidates on their public transit policies. Reporter Jerold Chinn and photographer Steven Rhodes conducted the interviews.

State Senator Leland Yee is running for San Francisco mayor and said his main goal for Muni is to get drivers out of cars and onto buses and trains. His goal is add 100,00 new riders by 2020.

Yee said in order to do this, Muni needs to update its technology for with more real-time data and focus on how the transit agency is spending its budget. He said the agency should be focused on fixing broken Muni vehicles.

Yee also talks about the controversial Central Subway project. Yee has requested documents and communications between the Mayor’s office and the Chinatown Development Community Center and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency because of a Civil Grand Jury report titled “Central Subway: Too Much Money for Too Little Benefit.”

Find out if Yee ever received those documents and his plans for funding Muni.

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