We Need Your Help to Cover the Pandemic

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Since March 11, the San Francisco Public Press and “Civic” have accelerated to a pace we did not think possible for our small nonprofit newsroom.

In two and a half weeks, we published 34 stories that brought as many visitors to our website as we saw in the last three months of 2019.

I can tell you definitively: We did not plan for this. Instinct kicked in for those of us with daily newspaper, broadcast and wire service experience. The need is urgent. This story is happening now.

While we continue to develop long-term projects, we have shifted most of our editorial team to work on fast-paced coverage of the public health emergency, bringing on more freelancers and focusing much of our reporting on the homeless, poor and marginally housed. Amid the deluge of crisis reporting from other outlets, the effects on the most economically and socially vulnerable in our community have been given too little attention, with potentially deadly consequences.

Will you help us continue this work by pledging $5 a month to the Public Press? With enough participation, these small sustaining memberships will have an enormous effect on our ability to extend this pace of reporting throughout the pandemic. If you can contribute more than $5 a month, your support will be greatly appreciated.

We are committed to continuing this work — as safely and socially distant as possible, we promise — and to serving our community with essential, local accountability reporting. Thank you for your support.

With great appreciation,

Lila LaHood


San Francisco Public Press

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