The Team That Created KSFP Radio and ‘Civic’

The San Francisco Public Press received support and assistance from many people who helped us secure our low-power FM construction permit from the FCC, raise funds for the project, develop the “Civic” show concept and launch the KSFP broadcast on 102.5 FM in San Francisco.

More than 60 audiophiles attended our first radio-brainstorming meeting in September 2016. Over time, a small group coalesced into a steering committee withsupporting volunteers. We appreciate everyone who joined us and shared their inspiring ideas.

From left: George Koster, Linda Jue, Megan Maurer, John Dillon

In particular, we thank Josh Wilson for encouraging us to apply for the construction permit: We wouldn’t be on air today without his enthusiastic nudging and guidance. George Koster took the lead on partnerships and fundraising, which led to our two-year, $150,000 research and development grant from the James Irvine Foundation and a project development grant from the California Endowment for multimedia public health reporting. Linda Jue contributed her sound judgment and editorial guidance over many years in program and staff development. Megan Maurer connected us with key partners, built our studio and helped us solve all kinds of audio engineering puzzles. Phil Hartman provided engineering expertise and helped configure so many pieces of equipment essential for signal transmission — we’re still not sure how they all work. John Dillon composed original theme music for “Civic.” Jeff Shaw and Al Davis of Common Frequency contributed technical expertise, guided us through the regulatory process and helped put together a winning low-power FM application. Brad Deutsch and Aaron Edelman of Garvey Schubert Barer provided expert legal guidance. Matt Martin gave key insights during the conceptual phase that led to the birth of “Civic.” Stacy Bondoffered many creative ideas about programming and building a community radio station from scratch through valuable research on other LPFM stations. Rich Bartlebaugh, Christopher Mosson and Ellison Libiran contributed to our audio planning process during the development phase.

We also want to give a special thanks to the whole team at San Francisco Community Radio — especially Bill Ruck, Ted Dively, Damin Esper and Steve Zweig — for helping us get on the air and for working with us to develop a partnership and cost-sharing arrangement that benefits both organizations. We are thrilled to be sharing 102.5 FM with our friends at KXSF!

KSFP’s “Civic” host Laura Wenus and producer Mel Baker.

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