Thanks for making the City Budget Watchdog project a success!

We did it! Thanks to your help, The Public Press and Spot.Us raised $5,000 to support our City Budget Watchdog series.

Over the course of three months, our team produced 18 articles and 13 videos, accompanied by numerous photos and information graphics, and co-produced with KALW (91.7 FM) a budget roundtable that aired Aug. 17 on the "Crosscurrents" news program.

Our reporters uncovered so many stories that we’ll continue to publish new reports and videos as they are completed in coming weeks. Chris Cook, City Budget Watchdog’s project editor, is scheduled to be on "Crosscurrents" again at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 30, to talk about his recent story on the city level impact of state budget cuts: "State cuts set to slam San Francisco’s seniors, poor."

We’d like to extend an extra round of applause to Spot.Us, which represents an important new funding mechanism for journalism in the Bay Area. It just launched in its second market, Los Angeles, as reported by BayNewser and the Los Angeles Times.

Thanks to all of you for supporting The Public Press, Spot.Us and City Budget Watchdog. We couldn’t have produced this important investigative reporting without your support. As promised, we’ll be launching a new collaboration in a few weeks — stay tuned for details!


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