Issue 17: Summer 2015

The Bay Area’s waterfront building frenzy includes at least $21B in housing and commercial construction in low-lying areas that climate scientists say could flood by the end of the century.

Issue 16: Winter 2015

Issue 16: Winter 2015

Despite their aspirations and efforts, San Francisco schools are increasingly segregated. Last school year, a single racial group formed a majority at six out of 10 schools. Our investigation tries to find out why.

Issue 15: Fall 2014

Issue 15: Fall 2014

Attempts to alleviate homelessness with subsidized supportive housing are not keeping pace with growing demand. Reforms could give those waiting for a room an idea of when they might get off the streets or out of a shelter.

Issue 14: Fall 2011

Issue 14: Summer 2014

This experiment with solutions journalism paired reporting with the Hack the Housing Crisis conference to explore innovative ideas for keeping rents down and adding more housing while preserving San Francisco’s diverse communities and cultures. those waiting for a room an idea of when they might get off the streets or out of a shelter.

Issue 13, Winter 2014

Issue 13: Summer 2014

Reporters examined tax records from PTAs and data from the city’s public schools. While fundraising helped a small number of elementary schools avoid the worst effects of recent budget cuts, belts continued to tighten at schools with more economically disadvantaged students.

issue 12, fall 2013

Issue 12: Fall 2013

San Francisco spends more than ever on job training, placement subsidies and a slew of supportive services. Is this effectively boosting employment? For many programs it is hard to say, because the system is so fragmented.

Issue 11: Summer 2013

Issue 11: Summer 2013

Climate Change: Regional efforts are taking aim at limiting greenhouse gas emissions. California’s cap-and-trade market promises major reductions. But loopholes abound.