Pulmonary, Critical Care Doctor Prepares for Coronavirus Fallout in Health System


Photo courtesy of Monica Bhargava.

The United States has declared a national emergency because of the coronavirus pandemic and ordered hospitals to activate emergency preparedness plans. In the Bay Area, several counties have issued shelter-in-place orders. Dr. Monica Bhargava, a pulmonary and critical care physician, emphasizes that social distancing and other protective measures are crucial, but that the health care system is likely to be seeing effects for months to come. She also says as a society, we are not doing enough to ensure vulnerable people are able to receive serious interventions, which often require resources like a stable home, transportation or a caretaker.

“Even if we institute the number one protective measure, which is social distancing… the thought is that this virus could have a significant presence in our health care system for anywhere from six months to a year.” — Monica Bhargava

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