Mission Local: S.F. Testing Strategy Falls Short for Disproportionately Affected Groups


Coronavirus testing in the Mission District on April 27, 2020. Barbara Ries / UCSF

In a series of stories, Lydia Chávez, founder and executive editor of Mission Local, reports that San Francisco’s approach to coronavirus testing fails to respond to the disproportionate rates of cases among Latino and Black people in the Mission and the city’s southeastern neighborhoods. She writes:

We will “continue to follow the data and science” in making decisions, Dr. Grant Colfax, the Director of Public Health, often says. It sounds good — until you take a hard look at the data and the science. If you belong to the city’s Latinx population or live in southeast San Francisco, where the coronavirus is most prevalent, you might wonder why you’re getting short shrift from the Department of Public Health. And if you live in another part of San Francisco, you still might ask why Colfax isn’t focusing on the most affected areas to bring the city’s total numbers down and allow life to return to normal.

Continue reading the original story and read the follow-up reporting in Mission Local, and hear Chávez discuss the findings on “Civic:”

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