Joe Alioto Veronese – District Attorney Candidate Response

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The Public Press invited candidates to share audio responses to questions that we formed based on survey responses from the San Francisco community. Candidates for District Attorney were given the following question:

We asked San Francisco residents to tell us about the most pressing issues in their districts. According to survey responses we received, crime is a top concern. What are your priorities when it comes to addressing crime? Where would you focus your efforts in combating crime?

Joe Alioto Veronese submitted this text response but did not provide an audio segment. Read Alioto Veronese’s unedited response below.

San Francisco used to be a City where people felt safe. Anyone could walk on any San Francisco street — day or night — without being afraid for their safety. Reestablishing a safe and peaceful city is my #1 goal. I believe we can accomplish this with the respectful cooperation of the Police Department Sherrifs and the entire law enforcement family of agencies.  I will include input from social programs such as the Street Crisis Response Teams and Community Ambassadors. We can only do this by putting our resources work. No more policy press conference, just action. 

Criminal Justice Reform – The criminal system has historically been used as a tool of oppression against people of color, poor people and immigrants. I will take immediate steps to engage experts who will address the reforms we need to reverse structural problems that are built into the criminal justice system. This will not be easy because they are deeply entrenched.

Mental Health and addiction. We need to consider the effects of mental illness and addiction on criminal justice policy and criminal behavior. We need a full assessment of its impact on police contact with citizens. We need to hold other city agencies to task for their insufficient response to mental health and addiction. I will conduct a full audit of all city contracts affecting mental health and addiction. 

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