Covering Coronavirus and the New Normal


Neighbors in the Sunset District gathered groceries to distribute to those in need in the wake of the shelter-in-place order. Photo courtesy of Frank Plughoff.

With the global coronavirus outbreak bearing down on us, the Public Press is committed to serving the community with relevant, timely and accurate information about public health and the response by local institutions.

We pledge to remain nimble in our news coverage and provide clarity about important developments where needed.

We’re focused on following storylines we have tackled for a long time — vulnerable populations including the homeless, the housing insecure, youth and those reliant on public health services — and safety information of direct utility to the general public.

We realize it will be a long time before many people feel comfortable attending public in-person events. We are postponing most of the half-dozen gatherings we were planning for the coming months, and are exploring hosting virtual public meetings and online forums. Stay tuned for details.

Meanwhile, we’ve been busy this week breaking or matching important stories on deadline:

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Please make a donation today to help us provide more in-depth and timely coverage of the COVID-19 crisis — and report what local leaders and the general public can do to keep our community safe.

Thank you so much,

Michael Stoll
Executive Director
San Francisco Public Press

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