Challenge Grant From Jonathan Logan Family Foundation

Jonathan Logan Family Foundation logo

The San Francisco Public Press is pleased to announce an exciting $25,000 challenge grant from the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation. The foundation also made a gift of $25,000 in unrestricted funding. 

To trigger the match, the Public Press must raise $25,000 in new contributions. The goal is to draw support from new members. But if you’re already a member, you can still help! Increased contributions from existing supporters qualify, too.

The Public Press will receive the match as soon as we reach the goal, and we’re aiming to raise $10,000 by June 8.

Your support is essential for the Public Press to continue producing local, public-interest journalism for San Francisco and the Bay Area. Join us for this match and double the power of your donation!

Thank you for helping us access this wonderful opportunity.

Jonathan Logan Family Foundation logo

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