Toxins Measured in Bodies Raise Stakes for Hunters Point Shipyard Cleanup


Results of John Miranda’s recent urine screening show elevated levels of manganese, one of the heavy metals polluting the shipyard. Sharon Wickham / San Francisco Public Press

Researchers are hoping to learn whether and how the health of people who live and work near the old Hunters Point Shipyard, which was used as a toxic and radioactive waste dump, may have been affected by toxic materials. Journalist Chris Roberts reported for the Public Press, in a story titled “Toxic Metals Found in Shipyard Neighbors, but Source Still Unknown,” that nearly all participants in a recent community health biomonitoring survey had elevated levels of toxic heavy metals that are “contaminants of concern” at the shipyard.

“The Pentagon has spent $1 billion to date on environmental remediation, and not once has any of that money gone to study to any sort of health, even a health survey, which is what this is.” — Chris Roberts

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