The Potential Pros and Cons of Buying PG&E’s Power Grid


Barbara Hale, right, with reporter Kevin Stark at the Public Press’ launch party for the summer 2019 print edition, at Green Apple Books. Photo by Daphne Magnawa // Public Press

San Francisco mayor London Breed has given PG&E an offer of $2.5 billion, to buy its electricity distribution infrastructure within city limits.

In the lead-up to the offer, Breed had tasked the city’s Public Utilities Commission with researching the purchase. Reporter Kevin Stark sat down with Barbara Hale, the commission’s assistant general manager, in July to talk about the potential benefits and challenges that might come with the deal.

“The public power prospect is an opportunity to have local decision makers influencing where the power comes from, how affordable it is, how green it is.” — Barbara Hale

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