Pastor: Reparations Are Medicine for ‘Evil’ of Inhumane Treatment

Amos C. Brown. Courtesy photo.

San Francisco and California have formed advisory committees to formulate a plan for reparations for African Americans, to study and attempt to repair the harms done by slavery, segregation and systemic racism. The Rev. Amos Brown, senior pastor at Third Baptist Church of San Francisco and president of the San Francisco branch of the NAACP, is on both committees. He discussed with “Civic” California’s legacy of racism and what form reparations could take in this state and city.

“It would show that you are making efforts to correct. If a person is sick, you get a doctor, if a person is sick, you get some medicine. Reparations, simply put, embodies the doctor, the medication, the vaccine, to rid this country of that evil of treating Black folks in such a bad, inhumane way because of the color of their skin.”

— Amos Brown

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