Tenants Organize to Keep Building Affordable Through Nonprofit Purchase


Chloe Jackman-Buitrago with her son Alonzo in front of 369 3rd Avenue. Photo by Laura Wenus // Public Press

When Chloe Jackman-Buitrago was pregnant with her son Alonzo, she got word that the building she’d lived in for nine years, 369 3rd Avenue, was for sale. As more details emerged, there was a possibility she might be having a baby and getting evicted at the same time. Instead, the tenants of this building in the Richmond organized to preserve their homes as affordable through acquisition by a nonprofit, the Mission Economic Development Agency.

“I remember telling my husband, I was like: I could see this, I could see a press conference happening in front of our building one day when we win. And today is the day.” — Chloe Jackman-Buitrago

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