S.F. Offers Hotel Rooms for Local Homeless, Not Newcomers, Breed Says


Mayor London Breed. Screen capture from SFGovTV

As San Francisco officials worked to expand housing options for the homeless, city leaders warned that anyone from outside San Francisco seeking a hotel room or other shelter would be turned away to preserve resources for those who were homeless within city limits before the pandemic hit.

“The hotel rooms that we are providing are for people who were homeless in San Francisco before this crisis,” Mayor London Breed said Wednesday. “No one from other cities should be coming to San Francisco expecting to be prioritized over the people who are here.”

Starting next week, the city will begin to provide RVs and trailers to homeless people residing in Bayview-Hunters Point to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Anyone over 60 years old or with underlying health conditions will be the first to be placed in the 29 RVs and 91 trailers at Pier 94, Seawall Lot 344. Some members of the Board of Supervisors have proposed approved tent camps, and Breed said officials have begun exploring potential locations. As of Wednesday, the city had moved more than 950 people from shelters or the street into rooms in 19 hotels under contract, said Trent Rhorer, director of the Human Services Agency. The city is negotiating with 14 other hotels.

  • Breed said $138 million in medical reimbursement funds mandated by city law would soon be made available to more than 100,000 workers. (14:30)
  • Dr. Susan Philip, the city’s director of disease prevention and control and deputy health officer, described how restrictions under the shelter-in-place order would change as the order continues through the end of May. (18:54)
  • Police Chief Bill Scott said his department has issued 19 citations to 10 businesses and nine individuals for violating coronavirus health orders. The department issued warnings to 86 people, including 52 who represented businesses. (27:00)
  • Scott also said four elderly women had been robbed, some at gunpoint, in the past 11 days. (29:40)
  • Rhorer gave the number of hotel rooms under contract in San Francisco. (35:44)
  • Rhorer gave the number of RVs and trailers that will be available next week at Pier 94. (37:01)
  • Rhorer responded to a question about the city’s plan to lease 7,000 hotel rooms for first responders and vulnerable or COVID-19 positive homeless San Franciscans. (42:45)
  • Breed said the city would provide more assistance to undocumented workers. (45:13)
  • Breed said the city was considering potential locations for sanctioned tent encampments for the homeless. (46:18)
  • Dr. Philip explained why some outdoor businesses like flea markets have been cleared to open while restaurants with outdoor seating have not. (53:38)

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