Make S.F.’s transit system ‘magnificent’ to lure drivers from their cars: mayoral candidate Terry Baum on Muni

Part II of the interview

This video is part of the series “Can S.F.’s next mayor save Muni?” quizzing San Francisco mayoral candidates on their public transit policies. Reporter Jerold Chinn and photographer Steven Rhodes conducted the interviews. Check back daily for more videos interviews.

San Francisco mayoral candidate Terry Baum said that if she becomes mayor, she would make Muni “magnificent.”

She said wants to change the mentality of people who drive cars to give public transportation a chance. Her plan is to transform the Muni subway stations into a museum with mosaics and murals. She said Muni has to be fun and a place where people want to be at. She wants Muni to be the focus of positive energy for riders.

That’s not her only plan of course. She like many other candidates, want to implement the Transit Effectiveness Project, which is a blue print in overhauling Muni’s transit system.

Baum is also one of several candidates who does not support the Central Subway project. Earlier in October, she held a press conference at the site of the project. Find out what her objections are on the project.

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