All of These Monster Invasive Fish Came Out of One Small S.F. Lake


Jonathan Young, a graduate student in biology, displays a fish he wrested from the depths of Mountain Lake. Photo courtesy of Bay Nature

By Eric Simons, Bay Nature

Jonathan Young, a San Francisco State graduate student in biology and ecological restoration intern at the Presidio Trust, has the job of trying to restore some semblance of native life to Mountain Lake, in San Francisco’s Presidio. But as this sequence of photos shows, the native three-spined sticklebacks and Pacific chorus frogs he would like to restore would face some ferocious predators lurking in the watery depths. So it is Young’s job, for now, to try to get the predators out.
It is  a tough — perhaps impossible — task for a lone man with a fishing net. Mountain Lake covers about 4 acres and is around 10 to 12 feet deep, small in the grand scheme of things, but that does not seem to have harmed its ability to support, for example, a very very big carp.

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