Journalist: Money Poured Into S.F. Elections Failed to Shift Outcomes

Joe Eskenazi, managing editor at Mission Local

Abraham Rodriguez/Mission Local

Joe Eskenazi, managing editor at Mission Local

Every odd-numbered San Francisco supervisorial district had an election in November. One race was extremely close and several were targeted by big independent expenditure money. But Joe Eskenazi, managing editor at Mission Local, reports that money was apparently ineffective, failing to propel candidates to victory and failing to dissuade voters from passing new tax measures. Eskenazi joined “Civic” to analyze what happened and what to expect from the newly elected supervisors.

“Millions of dollars was poured into this race by independent expenditure committees, which do not have a donation limit. And that was meant to swat down the tax measures, and was also meant to swat down progressive candidates and elevate moderate candidates. And an inordinate amount of money went to the District 5, Dean Preston vs. challenger Vallie Brown race. That money, in retrospect, I think it’s inexcusable that it didn’t go into District 1 where a matter of a couple hundred votes would have decided it.”

— Joe Eskenazi

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