Indigenous Public Bank Organizer Runs for State Senate

Jackie Fielder

Photo courtesy of Jackie Fielder.

As part of a “Civic” series of interviews with candidates for the state Senate seat currently held by Scott Wiener, Jackie Fielder describes her platform and shares insight into her background. Fielder is an indigenous organizer who co-founded the San Francisco Public Bank coalition. She calls for increased taxation of corporations and billionaires to build and preserve affordable housing, universal rent control and single-payer healthcare.

The primary for this race happens March 3, with the final election in November. Rather than have parties vote to advance their own top candidates, voting for state-level seats in California takes place across party lines, and the top two vote-getters at the primary move on to the general election, even if both candidates have the same party designation.

“We need someone who will advocate for the decommodification of housing to actually make it into a human right. We need someone to stand up for unhoused people and advocate for the decriminalization of people’s existence in public. We need someone to stand up to the California Hospitals Association and advocate for single-payer healthcare. It’s not just about making things accessible or legalizing them, it’s about making them deeply, deeply affordable.” — Jackie Fielder

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