As Healthcare Centers Scramble for Supplies During Pandemic, MedShare Delivers


Eric Talbert. Photo courtesy of MedShare.

During the coronavirus pandemic, health care providers are facing shortages of the supplies and equipment they need to treat patients safely and effectively, while protecting their own health. Eric Talbert is the western regional director for MedShare, which collects and redistributes surplus medical supplies. He says MedShare is helping to get essential medical supplies and equipment to the places they’re needed most in the battle against COVID-19.

“We had a colleague come by an hour ago. She works here in the East Bay with a great organization. They have four shelters that treat homeless folks, and two of those are shelters specifically for women and children. And they needed the masks that we had. Because they typically order them, and their provider has told them, ‘We are unable to ship your order and the soonest we anticipate we can fulfill that order is mid-April’…And we were able to hand her, literally hand her, she put in her car, 1,000 surgical masks.” — Eric Talbert

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