San Francisco Rent Relief Tracker

UPDATE 12/8/2021 3:30 p.m. This is the latest installment in a series tracking financial assistance to San Franciscans with rent debt. We’ll aim to publish updated figures each week.

Two months after the end of the moratorium on COVID-19-related evictions, requests for rent assistance far surpass authorized funds in San Francisco but did not change much in the past week. » Read more

Growing Bay Area Need Not Use More Water, Report Says

This article is adapted from an episode of our podcast “Civic.” Click the audio player below to hear the full story. 

The Bay Area can house millions more people without increasing its water use, according to a new report from the urbanist and water-use think tanks SPUR and the Pacific Institute. » Read more

Native Activists, Interior Secretary, Commemorate Alcatraz Occupation

This article is adapted from an episode of our podcast “Civic.” Click the audio player below to hear the full story. 

More than half a century after they occupied the island in a monthslong protest for indigenous sovereignty, Native American activists gathered on Alcatraz on Saturday to watch the nation’s first indigenous secretary of the interior commemorate the occasion.  » Read more

Proposed Tenant-Organizing Protections Could Shift Balance of Power in SF

Renters throughout San Francisco could gain power to lessen COVID-19 financial hardships and improve conditions in their buildings with political-organizing tools that have a history of success in subsidized housing.

In coming weeks, city supervisors will weigh legislation that would make it easier for tenants to form associations, similar to labor unions, that could compel landlords to hear them out on a range of issues, including the aesthetics of new construction and other matters affecting the bottom line for owners. » Read more

Uber and Lyft vehicle

Officials Demand Reform on Uber, Lyft Assault Reports

Two key elected officials have criticized the California Public Utilities Commission’s inconsistent collection of information on passenger complaints about assaults and threats on Uber and Lyft rides and called for reforms.

A leading researcher on sexual assault added that the commission’s methodology was out of line with accepted practice and that it suggested a “lack of concern” about monitoring the incidents. » Read more

Veterans Help One Another at SF Memorial Building Resource Hub

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In the OneVet OneVoice office at the War Memorial Veterans Building, the atmosphere was upbeat as Veterans Day approached.  

“On Veterans Day, think about happiness,” said Courtney Ellington, the organization’s CEO. » Read more

Bay Area Organizers Take Climate, Indigenous Rights Advocacy to Global Summit

This article is adapted from our “Civic” podcast. Click the audio player to hear the full story.

Thousands of delegates from around the world will meet next week in Glasgow, Scotland, to discuss their nations’ commitments to addressing the climate crisis at the 26th annual Conference of the Parties, also known as the United Nations Climate Change Conference. » Read more