In ‘No Straight Lines,’ We Meet Groundbreaking Queer Comic Artists

In the new documentary “No Straight Lines,” artists who took serious risks by outing themselves and creating comics about the experiences and lives of LGBT Americans look back on their work and its impacts. Director Vivian Kleiman, a Peabody Award winning filmmaker, producer, director and writer, talked with “Civic” about how these artists shaped the underground comics scene and some of the film’s more poignant moments. » Read more

Police form a line around a small group of protesters and one journalist held on the scene in what officers called a “mass arrest” on June 3, 2020.

After Journalist Arrests, State Legislation Aims to Protect Reporter Access to Protests

Disclaimer: Laura Wenus is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California Chapter, which opposed an amendment to SB 98 that is now slated for removal.

Freedom of information advocates and journalists have criticized a number of instances in which law enforcement officers arrested, detained or even injured reporters at work covering protests in California. » Read more

The Street Crisis Response Team responds to a call.

SF Team of Specialists Responds to People in Crisis on the Street

Members of San Francisco’s Street Crisis Response Team show up to situations when someone is experiencing a mental health or substance-related crisis, as an alternative to police response, which can escalate such situations. Dr. Angelica Almeida with the Department of Public Health, Chief Simon Pang from the fire department, clinician Shari Lachin and peer counselor Miguel Levya talked with “Civic” about how the team engages people in distress and why the work is so important to them even if there sometimes aren’t enough resources to meet the need. » Read more

Two toilets sit on a movable trailer on a street in San FRancisco's Mission District.

City’s Popular Portable Toilets Frequently Moved or Closed

Edward Armstrong, who lives in his vehicle in the Bayview District, received an unexpected amenity shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic hit San Francisco. A mobile “Pit Stop” public toilet, complete with a hand washing station, was rolled up to the corner of Ingalls and Bancroft streets, one block from his RV. » Read more

The Southeast Plant, which treats wastewater from the east side of San Francisco, in 2010.

Water Efficiency Is Energy Efficiency, Too, Expert Says

With droughts expected to continue and worsen in coming years, water managers are exploring conservation approaches. Laura Feinstein, sustainability and resilience policy director at the urban think tank SPUR, explained the difficult choice between attempting to create separate drinking and nonpotable water systems, or developing robust wastewater recycling systems on “Civic.”  » Read more

Roxie Theater members at a preview event in May 2021 before the cinema’s reopening.

Return of the Roxie: SF Nonprofit Cinema Cautiously Reopens

With vaccination rates on the rise and lockdown restrictions lifting, audiences are returning to indoor venues. For community cinemas like the Roxie Theater, reopening is emotional. The Roxie’s executive director Lex Sloan told “Civic” that limited seating for recent screenings sold out quickly, filling her with hope that cinephiles are eager to return in person. » Read more

BART Emerges From Pandemic Slowdown

In March 2020, Bay Area Rapid Transit ridership fell to just 4% of pre-pandemic levels during the initial pandemic lockdown and hovered around 10% for much of the year, a major challenge for a service that relies on the fare box for two-thirds of its operating revenue.  » Read more